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A Developer’s Confession: Why I am quitting WhatsApp? 📱🙅‍♂️

A Tale of a Giant Losing a Tiny Customer

By Sandoche ADITTANE

Short Story

I have recently been contacted by WhatsApp lawyers and they asked me to shut down one of my apps called WhatsBlast (an app to send customized group messages). I tried to come up with different alternatives such as removing the “connection” with WhatsApp or even to put the app open source and remove it totally from the Apple Store and the Google Play Store. They did not accept any of my alternative solutions because the Terms & Conditions are soooooooo broad that they cover any case they don’t like 🤦‍♂️. I lost one battle, and because I never liked WhatsApp (I used it only because of social pressure), I decided to quit WhatsApp. If you want to keep in touch with me, please contact me through Telegram, Twitter, or Email.

What’s in the long story?

In this blog post I will explain and show:

  • Why I don’t like the service and the apps provided by WhatsApp
  • Why I think it’s unfair that they didn’t accept my proposed changes to comply with their Terms & Conditions
  • Why we have to be careful with giant tech corporations
  • What are the alternatives to these giants
  • How to delete your account

WhatsApp services s*ck

As a developer, I spend a lot of time on my computer; therefore I mostly use all my instant messaging from my desktop. This is the main problem WhatsApp, their desktop app. It is very very bad 😞:

  • It can only work if your phone is on and connected.
  • If your phone has a bad connection or is killing the app by lack of memory, the desktop app will not be able to get or send messages.
  • Also, each time I load the WhatsApp desktop app it takes me at least 20 seconds to load. So I better not be in a hurry.

WhatsApp also has other annoying problems:

  • Sending files are limited in size
  • When you send an image, it gets compressed
  • You need to connect it to a cloud provider such as Google Drive to save your history
  • WhatsApp belongs to Facebook, another tech giant (which leads to centralization of power)
  • By default, it downloads all the pictures and videos you receive and it can be quickly spammy and space-consuming
  • The search doesn’t let you find links
  • WhatsApp is not developer friendly

Why was I even using it?

I started to use it when I started my job in IBM to be integrated into the team chat, and be socially accepted, be part of the group, and so on. Basically because of social pressure 😶.

Rest In Peace WhatsBlast

WhatsBlast was the app I build to send personalized group messages. To give a bit of background, it is a pretty tiny app: it has been installed by 22 000 people and uninstalled by 20 000 of them.

How did it work?

It worked the following way:

  1. Create a group, let’s call this group “Friends”, made of 42 of my phone contacts.
  2. Write your message using the tags for example “Hello <Firstname>, I would like to invite you to my bye-bye party on Saturday 12th. Are you joining ?”.
  3. Once the message is written you can see a preview with all the 42 messages filled with the first name of your contacts.
  4. Then you press send and the “magic” happens, WhatsBlast would open an URL like this:$PHONE?text=$MESSAGE replacing the $PHONE by the phone number of the first contact and $MESSAGEby the message with the first name of the contact. By opening this URL, WhatsApp will open the chat page of the contact with the message prefilled (if the contact is using WhatsApp of course).
  5. The user has to press send (after eventually correcting the message) and press the back button.
  6. When pressing the back button the step 4 and 5 will be repeated with the 2nd contact of the group, and then repeated again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again (42 times because there were 42 contacts in the “Friends” group) 😅.
It’s more or less like doing this 42 times on your smartphone

That’s not very magic, right?

Because this app was not very automated, I got a loooot of bad reviews on Google Play because users expect to have full bulk messaging to send messages in one click to a lot of users. They were expecting this “magic” and got disappointed.

Screenshot from WhatsBlast on Google Play

Therefore spamming was pretty hard. You would get tired very fast if you would like to send 1000 messages or even worst 1000 messages every day it would kill you, it wasn’t made for that because it required A LOT OF MANUAL EFFORT from the USER! This was nothing like automated messaging or bulk messaging.

Then why did WhatsApp lawyers ask me to remove it?

Because of confidentiality statement in their email, I am not sure I can copy-paste their email, therefore I will quote some parts of their Legal Info that they asked me to comply with.

Basically by using WhatsApp I have to comply with their Terms of Service that forbids the following:

  • “violate, misappropriate, or infringe the rights of WhatsApp”
  • “involve sending illegal or impermissible communications, such as bulk messaging, auto-messaging, auto-dialing, and the like;”
  • “non-personal use of our Services unless otherwise authorized by us”
  • “create derivative works”
  • “interfere with or disrupt the safety, security, or performance of our Services”
  • “collect the information of or about our users in any impermissible or unauthorized manner”

Also, they asked me to remove my app from the app stores and social media, to not violate WhatsApp Terms of Service again, and not to use WHATS or WHATSAPP on my app name, and not to design a similar logo.

From all these statements there was one of them I agree I was violating: “Create derivative works” my branding was green and also my name was pretty similar to theirs, WhatsBlast.

That’s why when I answered them all my proposals were including to delete the current app and recreating a new one with another name.

Among the proposal two of them were in my opinion not violating the terms and condition at all (this is exactly what I sent them):

Option 1

  • To create a new app with whatever name, let’s say “FastBlast”
  • This app will have the same flow as the current WhatsBlast BUT
  • The app will not be linked to WhatsApp
  • The user will have to fill an input with any messenger “deeplink” (for example for WhatsApp it’s this one “” and for viber something like this “viber://add?number=”)
  • Deep links will not be provided, it is up to the user to find the right one and to add it
  • The word WhatsApp will be removed from description

Option 2

  • To put the source code open (without providing any APK, or IPA) on GitHub
  • To remove the WhatsApp deeplink from the source code

For your information: a deeplink is a URL that instead of opening a webpage, opens a mobile application.

The lawyers disagreed, for them it still violates the terms and conditions because they use a magic word, that I call wildcard. 🤯

The power of the wildcard in the legal world

In software, a wildcard character is a kind of placeholder represented by a single character, such as an asterisk (*), which can be interpreted as a number of literal characters or an empty string. It is often used in file searches so the full name need not be typed
– Wikipedia

Here is the wildcard I saw in their terms and conditions:

Legal And Acceptable Use. You must access and use our Services only for legal, authorized, and acceptable purposes. You will not use (or assist others in using) our Services in ways that: […] (e) involve sending illegal or impermissible communications, such as bulk messaging, auto-messaging, auto-dialing, and the like;
– Whatsapp Legal Info —

Basically my app was not doing any of these: “involve sending illegal or impermissible communications, such as bulk messaging, auto-messaging, auto-dialing,” but was falling into the “and the like”.

and the like;” — There is the wildcard!

I had a call with the lawyer and my brother who is used to work with lawyers, and we asked “What is the exact definition of bulk messaging” they said there is no strict definition of it 😡 and my app falls into the “and the like”.

Basically ANYTHING can fall into this category!

Here is a piece of code I just wrote. For non-coders: it is just comments, basically. Just read it!cid:frame-1A4226AC1294336C77395EF512448E5F@mhtml.blink

Technically this can go against WhatsApp Terms & Conditions because I (while writing this article) am a user of WhatsApp, therefore, I have to comply with their Terms & Conditions. So I cannot assist others to send illegal bulk messaging and the like. Depending on your interpretation, showing this piece of code could be considered as illegal, in my opinion, it’s not.

So where is the limit? Is there a way to know it without spending a ton of money in a lawyer? In this world money is king, and I don’t have enough to fight against a giant.

Rest in peace my dear WhatsBlast ⚰️

So yes, I ended up giving up 😢, and I removed the app from the stores as they asked me to do. I ended up complying to their merciless rules. I am a real respectful citizen of the world now… but at what cost 😐?

The app is just dead now, and the source sadly private.

R.I.P. WhatsBlast, I really enjoyed building you.

You can still check out its tomb:WhatsBlast Bulk MessagingSend customized messages in 4 steps: 1. Write your message 2. Select your contacts 3. Preview 4. Send each message…

Any legal alternative?

I don’t know any legal alternative, maybe I can try to build something in the decentralized web, but would it be legal? I don’t know. If you are a legal expert and know any legal alternative, to share my code, or to revive WhatsBlast feel free to comment.

I will just not take any risk doing something illegal, don’t forget: I am a respectful citizen of the world after all.

Beware of the giants (GAFAM)

You probably heard of the acronym GAFAM: Google Apple Facebook Amazon Microsoft (in case you forgot WhatsApp and Instagram belong to Facebook), they are the ones I call the giants or the new gods. When people say “God bless America” they probably talk about them…Who knows.

I am not the best to talk about these giants because I use a lot of their services, I rely a lot on Google (Google Search, Gmail, Agenda, Google Maps, Google Analytics, Android with Google Services, Youtube, …) and Microsoft (Windows, Github, LinkedIn) and I can hardly manage without them because they do provide a good service.

The only thing I know now is that if I have to open a new account in some service or download new software, I will try to look for: Open Source, End to End Encryption, and Decentralized solutions.

Giving too much power to these giants by giving access to your data and just using them can lead to two major problems:

  • Censorship 🚫 —They can just decide what you need to see and what you don’t, it created the filter bubble that lead to Trump’s election and the Brexit, or it can go against progress and decentralization like Google did, or even worst forbid the access to open source code to Iranian’s users (open-source belongs to everyone, it should be a human right)!!
  • Privacy 🔒— As Edward Snowden and Pavel Durov (founder of Telegram) state, WhatsApp is supposed to be end-to-end encrypted app but it is very likely to have backdoors, and foresure governments are pushing to add them. Also, a lot of other services people use and I do too, are not encrypted which leads to privacy issues and can lead to governments to read any of your information.

These two problems are often linked to government pressure. For example, thanks to the CLOUD Act, the government can get anything from the US companies. As you can see in the below article, non-US companies are also getting pressured!What Was TON And Why It Is OverFor the last 2,5 years some of our best engineers have been working on a next-generation blockchain platform called TON…

And here is an inspiring quote from Pavel Durov (CEO of Telegram).

I want to conclude this post by wishing luck to all those striving for decentralization, balance and equality in the world. You are fighting the right battle. This battle may well be the most important battle of our generation. We hope that you succeed where we have failed.
– Pavel Durov

We are not doomed! 😌

Don’t worry we are not doomed. There are still some ways to escape that.

There are still other options, and more and more people conscious about those problems, here are some alternatives:

  • Using a privacy-focused service
  • Using open source
  • Using a decentralized and anonymous (or pseudonymous) technology

Here are a few links (and tools) to continue this way:

Yes I am doing it, I am closing my WhatsApp account

How to delete a WhatsApp account 📱🙅‍♂️

Here is my home-made tutorial!cid:frame-FBB2593D1D4659903A14C6F839829B0B@mhtml.blink

Should you delete your account too?

Do whatever you feel like. I had my own reasons to close my account if you have yours just do it.

Will I survive?

I will 😅.

How to get used to it?

In 2019 I built this service to create a fake app to replace a real one: Detoxify.

It’s free and open-source, and I will use it 🙌!Detoxify app Generate a fake app to replace any addictive app 📱🙅

I am still on Facebook for business purpose mainly, I guess the next step will be to get rid of it.


This article isn’t written by, this article isn’t meant to promote or aim at defaming any of the above organization as mentioned in this article. However its the writer’s personal thought about the aforementioned Organization judging from his personal relationship with them. Therefore anyone who has/will come across this article has the liberty to do whatsoever and however he/she views this article is entirely a personal decision.

Thanks for reading,… Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box, you can also share post on your favorite social platforms!

Some Whatsapp Marketing tools you should HAVE: WhatSender

What is WhatSender

WhatSender is a software designed to send bulk Whatsapp messages directly from PC in a simple and effective way. WhatSender uses Whatsapp Web technology but adds useful features to do Whatsapp Marketing and send Whatsapp messages to multiple users at the same time. Here are the reasons why you should use Whatsender 6.2 to contact all your friends/relatives or potential customers to do Whatsapp marketing at a professional level.

WhatSender Pro Crack
Whatsender screenshot

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  • Multi-Account (Multi-Channel) to automatically send messages from different whatsapp accounts
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  • Ability to see the report of the campaign (from LOG section)
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Features Of WhatSender Crack Version

  • Create and send customized messages (with the name of the recipient) directly from your PC
  • Import contacts either manually or from a file (CSV or TXT)
  • Send Whatsapp messages to contacts even if they are not saved in your address book
  • Automatically create multiple variations of the message to send to all contacts and avoid spam or ban
  • Ability to see the report of the campaign (from LOG section)
  • Possibility to schedule the sending and set a delay between the messages to avoid to be banned
  • Grab all member of a Whatsapp group to contact them via WhatSender
  • Create and send Whatsapp messages with viral photos and videos

Best WhatsApp Marketing Software 2020

  1. WhatsAppMarketing
  2. WappBlaster
  3. Allwebmart
  4. WhatsApp SMS Myntra


WhatsAppMarketing is a platform that enables you to create campaigns through WhatsApp. You can create and upload the lists of potential clients with your smartphone. These lists are stored on your user panel so that you can send bulk messages at any time. This includes broadcasting messages with text, photos, and videos.


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WhatsApp SMS myntra:

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Ten Python Development Skills: A SUPER-practical Tutorial

By Pawal Jain

Every now and again, when I learn about a new feature in Python, or I notice that a few others are unaware of a feature, I make a note of it.

Over the last few weeks, there have been a few interesting features that I recently learned about, or realized others — on Stack Overflow

Here are ten neat Python development tricks some I’m sure you haven’t seen before. And a quick look at a few of these features, and a rundown of each.

Note: Codes are shown as images in this story. Further, you will get GitHub Readme link at the end to do experiments further 🤗

01. How to view source code in the running state?

Looking at the source code of the function, we usually use the IDE to complete.

For example, in PyCharm, you can use Ctrl + mouse to enter the source code of the function.

What if there is no IDE?

  • When we want to use a function, how do we know which parameters this function needs to receive?
  • When we have problems when using functions, how to troubleshoot the problem by reading the source code?

At this time, we can use inspect instead of IDE to help you accomplish these things

Image for post

inspect.getsource: Return the text of the source code for an object.

Image for post

The inspect module provides several useful functions to help get information about live objects such as modules, classes, methods, functions, tracebacks, frame objects, and code objects

Four main kinds of services provided by this module:

  • Type checking,
  • Getting source code,
  • Inspecting classes and functions
  • Examining the interpreter stack.

02. The fastest way to view the package path

When you use import to import a package or module, Python will look in some directories, and these directories have a priority order, normally we will use sys.path to view.

Image for post

Is there a faster way?

Here I want to introduce a more convenient method than the above, one line command can be solved

Image for post

From the output, you can find that the path of this column will be more complete than sys.path, which contains the directory of the user environment.

03. Write the nested for a loop as a single line

We often use the following nested for loop code

Image for post

Here are just three for loops, in actual coding, there may be more layers.

Such code is poorly readable, and people do not want to write it, and there is a better way to write it.

Here I introduce a commonly used writing method, using the itertools library to achieve a more elegant and readable code.

Image for post

04. How to use the print output log

Many people like to use print to debug code and record the running process of the program.

However, the print will only output the content to the terminal, and cannot be persisted to the log file, which is not conducive to troubleshooting.

If you are keen to use print to debug code (although this is not the best practice), record the process of running the program, then the print usage described below may be useful to you.

Print it as a function in Python 3, because it can receive more parameters, so the function itself becomes more powerful

code shown as below:

Image for post

05. How to quickly calculate the function running time

Calculate the running time of a function, you might do it like this

Image for post

You see you wrote a few lines of code to calculate the running time of the function.

Is there a way to calculate this running time more conveniently? Yes by using a built-in module called timeit

Use it with just one line of code

Image for post

The results are as follows


06. Use the built-in caching mechanism to improve efficiency

Caching is a method of storing quantitative data to meet the needs of subsequent acquisitions, and is designed to speed up data acquisition.

The data generation process may require operations such as calculation, regularization, and remote acquisition. If the same piece of data needs to be used multiple times, it will be a waste of time to regenerate each time.

Therefore, if the data obtained by operations such as computing or remote request is cached, the subsequent data acquisition requirements will be accelerated.

To achieve this requirement, Python 3.2+ provides us with a mechanism that can be easily implemented without requiring you to write such a logic code.

This mechanism is implemented in the lru_cache decorator in the functool module.

Image for post

Parameter interpretation:

  • maxsize: how many results of this function call can be cached at most, if None, there is no limit, when set to a power of 2, the performance is the best
  • typed: If True, calls of different parameter types will be cached separately.

for example

Image for post

The output is as follows, you can see that the second call does not execute the function body, but directly returns the result in the cache

calculating: 1 + 2
calculating: 2 + 3

The following is the classic Fibonacci sequence when you specify larger n, there will be a lot of repeated calculations

Image for post

The timeit introduced in point 6 can now be used to test how much efficiency can be improved.

Without lru_cache, the running time is 31 seconds

Image for post

After using lru_cache, the running speed is too fast, so I adjusted the value of n from 30 to 500, but even so, the running time is only 0.0004 seconds. The increase in speed is very significant.

Image for post

07. Tips for executing code before the program exits

Using the built-in module atexit, you can easily register and exit functions.

Wherever you cause the program to crash, it will execute those functions that you have registered. Examples are as follows

Image for post

The results are as follows:

Image for post

If the clean() function has parameters, you can call atexit.register (clean_1parameter 1parameter 2parameter 3=’xxx’) without using decorators.

Maybe you have other ways to deal with this kind of demand, but it is more elegant and convenient than not using atexit, and it is easy to extend.

But using atexit still has some limitations, such as:

  • If the program is killed by a system signal that you have not processed, the registered function cannot be executed normally.
  • If a serious Python internal error occurs, the function you registered cannot be executed normally.
  • If you call it manually os._exit(), the function you registered cannot be executed normally.

08. How to turn off the exception association context?

When you are handling an exception, due to improper handling or other problems, when another exception is thrown, the exception thrown out will also carry the original exception information.

Read it again and you will surely understand it now 🙂

Just like this.

Image for post

You can see two exception messages from the output

Image for post

If an exception is thrown in an exception handler or finally block, the exception mechanism will implicitly work by default to attach the previous exception as the __context__ attribute of the new exception.

This is the automatic correlation exception context that Python enables by default.

If you want to control this context yourself, you can add a from keyword (from will have a limitation that the second expression must be another exception class or instance.) to indicate which exception caused your new exception.

Image for post

The output is as follows

Image for post

Of course, you can also use the with_traceback() method to set the __context__ attribute for exceptions, which can also display exception information better in the traceback.

Image for post

Finally, if I want to completely turn off this mechanism of automatically associating exception contexts? what else can we do?

Can be used raise...from None, from the following example, there is no original exception

Image for post

09. Implement defer-like delayed calls

There is a mechanism for delaying calls in Golang. The keyword is defer, as shown below

Image for post

The call of myfunc will be completed before the function returns, even if you write the call of myfunc on the first line of the function, this is the delayed call. The output is as follows,


So is there such a mechanism in Python?

Of course, there are, but it is not as simple as Golang.

We can use the Python context managers to achieve this effect

Image for post

The output is as follows


10. How to stream read large files

Using with…open… we can read data from a file, which is a very familiar operation for all Python devs.

But if you use it improperly, it will also cause great trouble.

For example, when you use the read function, Python will load the contents of the file into memory all at once. If the file has 10 GB or more, then the memory that your computer will consume is very huge.

Image for post

For this problem, you may think of using readline as a generator to return line by line.

Image for post

But if the content of this file is in one line, 10 GB per line you will still read all the contents at once.

The most elegant solution is to use the read method to specify that only the fixed size of the content is read at a time. For example, in the following code, only 8kb is returned at a time.

Image for post

The above code has no problem in function, but the code still looks a bit bloated.

With partial function and iter function, you can optimize the code like this

Image for post

To Sum up

  • We can use inspect to view source code in the running state
  • itertools.product can be used in case of nested loops
  • Use timeit module over time to calculate running time of a function or piece of code
  • Use functool.lru_cache to speed up your code. It’s designed to speed up data acquisition
  • Use atexit module to register your functions so that wherever you cause the program to crash, it will execute those functions that you have registered
  • Read a large file by breaking it into fixed-size blocks

That’s it! Did you learn anything new? Or do you have another trick that you want to share? Please let me know in the comments!

Here is the link for GitHub Readmeto view and analyze each trick

Yeah! now enjoy just like minions 😋, we made it to the end. Hope you learn something new and have some basic idea about these efficient development tricks

Image for post
Source: Giphy

Thanks for reading, We hope you’ve fuel up your python development skill and knowledge. To See more tutorials like this, Support by dropping your comments, likes and share with friends.

Stay connected and see you around👋🏻

Google will pay online publishers for high quality contents

Google has announced on Thursday its plans to pay partnered media publishers for content and offer some users access to free pay-walled news sites.

The details of the plan are still unknown but in a blog post, Google said they would launch “a licensing program to pay publishers for high-quality content for a new news experience” due to launch later this year.

The program will start later this year with publishers in a number of countries acrossthe globe.

Alongside other companies, governments and civic society organizations, we’re committed to playing our part to support news businesses. Today’s undertaking exemplifies that, and we look forward to what we can all achieve together,” the company said in its post.

According to Google’s Vice-President of product management, Brad Bender, Google will also offer to pay for free access for users to read pay-walled articles on a publisher’s site,” the statement said, without offering any further details.

But the company already signed a partnership with France an Australia;

“We are always keen to explore innovative ways to attract readers to our high-quality content,” says Stephan Ottlitz, managing director of Germany’s SPIEGEL Group, one of the publishing partners said.

“This interesting new partnership with Google will allow us to curate an experience that will bring our award-winning editorial voice into play, broaden our outreach and provide trusted news in a compelling way across Google products.

This is only the most recent move of Google to support the news media as the Google news initiative had provided funding to more than 5300 local publications globally via a journalism emergency fund relief coma and ad-serving fee waiver on Google ad manager, among others.

The announcement is in response to pressure from governments and media groups around the world. Google has been accused of not paying news organizations for content and has faced legal battles in France and Australia.

In April, France’s competition regulator said the tech giant must start paying media groups for displaying their content, ordering it to begin negotiations after refusing for months to comply with Europe’s new digital copyright law.

92 Year old man survived 21-feet fall with the aid Apple Smart watch

Apple Watch is currently one of the most widely used smartwatches worldwide. Not only because it has a cool design, but this smartwatch also has features that are useful for many people, especially this man.
Yes, A retired farmer 92-year-old man from Grant, Nebraska is confirmed to have survived a 21-feet fall from a ladder with the help of his Apple watch.

The retired farmer is recovering from a broken hip and other fractures at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln.
Salsman climbed the ladder a month ago to secure a grain bin from pigeons. He said when he went up the ladder, everything was fine, but then the wind pushed his ladder about 2 feet.

“It was just a dumb stupid mistake on my part,” said Salsman.
He said after he hit the ground, he was in a lot of pain. He tried to roll to his truck, but it was several hundred feet away and there were no other people around. He spoke to the Apple Watch on his wrist.

“I talked into it, ‘Hey Siri Jim Salsman, hurt bad on the farm,’ “he said.”

What Salsman didn’t realize is that the device, equipped with a fall alert system, had already sent an alert to the Grant Volunteer Fire Deparment; They responded that they were on their way and found Salsman with the device GPS.

Ron Salsman was able to visit his father recently by calling him on the phone, as Ron stood outside the window at Madonna. He said his father is tough.

“They’ve lived through droughts and blizzards, and getting cattle in the middle of the night in cold winter weather, so they just had to deal with a lot of adversity over time. And it just becomes a part of them I think,” said Ron.

Our source revealed that:

Jim Salsman will continue treatment and therapy at Madonna until he’s ready to return home.

This is not the first time that Apple Watch has saved someone’s life. Previously there was a case where a man survived after he fainted and his Apple Watch directly contacted 911 to ask for help.

Whatsapp Launches its in-app digital payment Service in Brazil: The Tweet at the end this article will make you laff

WhatsApp on Monday 15 June, launched its digital payments service in Brazil which it announced via a blog post and Twitter account, including a one-minute YouTube tutorial on: How to send money on WhatsApp (Brazil).

“We’re excited to announce that starting today we’re bringing digital payments to WhatsApp users in Brazil. People will be able to send money securely or make a purchase from a local business without leaving their chat”.

“In addition, we’re making sending money to loved ones as easy as sending a message, which could not be more important as people are physically distant from one another”.

This comes at zero commission fees when sending money or making a purchase, however businesses will pay a processing fee to receive customer payments, similar to what they may already pay when accepting a credit card transaction.

The payment which will be enabled by Facebook Pay, is with a future plan for people and businesses to use the same card information across Facebook’s family of apps (Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp).

Allaying concerns on payment security, the statement reads:

“We have built payments with security in mind and a special six digit PIN or fingerprint will be required to prevent unauthorized transactions. To start, we will support debit or credit cards from Banco do Brasil, Nubank, and Sicredi on the Visa and Mastercard networks -and we are working with Cielo, the leading payments processor in Brazil. We have built an open model to welcome more partners in the future”.

Although there’s no confirmation yet on the specific roll out plan to other countries and how soon, TechCrunch reported in February of 2018, about WhatsApp’s Beta testing in India with hopes of it becoming more widely available in the country after the best testing phase had been completed. WhatsApp’s closing statement in the blog post however reads:

“Payments on WhatsApp are beginning to roll out to people across Brazil beginning today and we look forward to bringing it to everyone as we go forward”.

“WhatsApp” Not “Cash App” LOL

On a much blithe note, the huddle some users would experience is the drive of requests hinged on the ease through which payments can be made using the messaging platform.

As some replies following the tweet announcement, predict a possible surge in bailout requests while chatting; hence reducing the chances of pandering to the played out excuse of having to leave the ‘business of chatting’ “…without leaving their chat” stated in the announcement, to make payments. Whenever this is rolled out to more countries.

‘secretive WhatsApp users’ may have to factor this into their continued quest for a discreet online presence, which has in the past included: turning off read receipts and hiding their last seen in order to dissipate untimely barrage of messages as well as unsolicited voice and video calls that may accompany owning a WhatsApp account. As WhatsApp continues to bring just about everything to your app.

Did you miss the pun in the headline, here’s a now viral precedented video of a “miscommunication predicament” between WhatsApp (the messaging and voice over IP service) and Cash App (the mobile payment service), that now lends credence to the blithe note stated earlier.

See Tweet below: