92 Year old man survived 21-feet fall with the aid Apple Smart watch

Apple Watch is currently one of the most widely used smartwatches worldwide. Not only because it has a cool design, but this smartwatch also has features that are useful for many people, especially this man.
Yes, A retired farmer 92-year-old man from Grant, Nebraska is confirmed to have survived a 21-feet fall from a ladder with the help of his Apple watch.

The retired farmer is recovering from a broken hip and other fractures at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital in Lincoln.
Salsman climbed the ladder a month ago to secure a grain bin from pigeons. He said when he went up the ladder, everything was fine, but then the wind pushed his ladder about 2 feet.

“It was just a dumb stupid mistake on my part,” said Salsman.
He said after he hit the ground, he was in a lot of pain. He tried to roll to his truck, but it was several hundred feet away and there were no other people around. He spoke to the Apple Watch on his wrist.

“I talked into it, ‘Hey Siri Jim Salsman, hurt bad on the farm,’ “he said.”

What Salsman didn’t realize is that the device, equipped with a fall alert system, had already sent an alert to the Grant Volunteer Fire Deparment; They responded that they were on their way and found Salsman with the device GPS.

Ron Salsman was able to visit his father recently by calling him on the phone, as Ron stood outside the window at Madonna. He said his father is tough.

“They’ve lived through droughts and blizzards, and getting cattle in the middle of the night in cold winter weather, so they just had to deal with a lot of adversity over time. And it just becomes a part of them I think,” said Ron.

Our source revealed that:

Jim Salsman will continue treatment and therapy at Madonna until he’s ready to return home.

This is not the first time that Apple Watch has saved someone’s life. Previously there was a case where a man survived after he fainted and his Apple Watch directly contacted 911 to ask for help.

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