Meet the Grandma of a Medical student who bagged her PhD Honors @62

Today I’m going to share yet another inspiring story with you, Team-icastemedia thrive to share stories that needs to be heard and since you’ve landed safely on this page, I hope you’ll not only be inspired but share this story with someone who needs it like I do.

Meet the grandma (Dr. Mrs. Joan Oji)

Joan Oji, PhD English Language

“I am a late bloomer, academically speaking. My Bachelor’s degree was at age 30 but then I was already a mother of 6.”

Despite the fact that she was a settled woman before she could pursue her higher educations, she still felt education is a necessity. One would ask that since she loved education, why that late? But here is her response to your curiosity:

“I didn’t pursue higher education immediately for obvious reasons, despite a First Class Honours at undergraduate studies.”

Now here is the part that challenged me personally as the one sharing this story with you. Despite her situation (though you might ask what situation but don’t forget she was in her husband’s house and she already had children before her undergraduates) and predicament, permit me to use that word, despite her responsibilities as a wife and mother at the same time, she still managed to graduate with a First class honours, wow! How on earth is that possible? But she did it.

Now she did something inspiring as good mother that she is, she did proceed to further her post-graduation at age 50. Like who does that? Honestly speaking I’ve always thought academic pursuit is a personal ambition but if you ask her why she did this at menopause. This would be her answer:

“I returned to personally see to my children’s education, 8 at the last count. To spur them further, I picked up a postgraduate application form 20 years after my B.Ed. The Master’s dragged for so long that I went for a Doctorate soon after. I was nearing 62 and already a Retiree when I defended my PhD Thesis in May 2019.
I got ready for the March 28 graduation ceremony of Nasarawa State University, Keffi, had my gown tailor-made and waited… You know the rest of the story.”

Her reasons for sharing her story

She confessed to intentionally share her story to inspire someone. Could be you.

All of us cannot move at the same pace. What counts is arriving at our desired destination. For me, just owning and rocking this regalia every time I’m a guest speaker at a graduation event is it!
“When a man says yes, his Chi concurs.”

After all effort made by the grandma to set the legacy and proven with her own story and lifestyle that delay isn’t denial and that your delay doesn’t in any way reduce your mental efficiency and your academic capability and height. The children also had no excuse but to live on the footsteps laid down by their predecessor.

“My eldest granddaughter just won a Russian Scholarship to study Medicine in Russia. Prior to this development, she was a 100 Level BSc Nursing Science student at Ebonyi State University in Nigeria. I’m beyond excited!” She concluded🎓🚀

I would like to share so much from what I learnt from the grandma’s story but I’d allow you (my reader) to have the floor.
I’m sure this story, though short and precise, has inspired you. Kindly share your thought in the comment box, we’d love to know how this story has really inspired you.

Thanks for reading!🤗💞

5 thoughts on “Meet the Grandma of a Medical student who bagged her PhD Honors @62”

  1. Hmmmm,kudos to the Grandma to av attained PhD at that age.To achieve or reach to that level in life requires determination.she really inspired me. Thanks for publishing @icastemedia,your are doing well.


    1. Exactly Sir,
      It’s a challenge to me personally. There’s no limit to what man can achieve. Like grandma said, “When man says i can, God approves”


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