Impact Crowd Technology (ICT) is the mother company of CROWD1. We are an online marketing company that sells educational packages and services through our affiliates. Currently Crowd1 sells educational and training packages. However, through our affiliate partners we offer various apps, software and services. During the course of 2020 Crowd1 will have additional products & services that the network members can re-sell and make extra income from. We have 7 regional offices around the world, with our main office in Spain.

We are a legal and registered company that abide by all necessary rules and regulations needed. We, as Crowd1 are changing lives right across the world. These are our people with the vision that will change our future. No matter who you are, or where you are from, YOU MATTER.

The count as at July 6th 2020


Crowd1 – the power of easy!

When you join, you can then choose an educational pack of your choice, by doing this you will then be able to benefit from our bonus structures and compensation plans that are in place. Every educational pack contains up to 55 hours of online E-Learning and training. These E-Learning education packs gives every member the power to educate themselves on different fields of interest. Each pack with a higher value, has more educational E-learning available. We at Crowd1 believes to empower and enrich, each and every one of our members. In the comfort of your own home, from your mobile phone, you can take time to educate yourself on many different fields, from your GritHub. Real Estate, Property management, Power of the mind, Social media… the options are all there, for you to explore.

The EXCITING part of joining Crowd1, as a paid member, is that with your purchase of an educational pack, you get FREE CROWD1 REWARDS. Look at your Crowd1 rewards in the same light as you would look at your Credit card loyalty rewards program, for using your credit card from your bank, you get rewarded with loyalty points, that you can use at a later stage or benefit from. When you join Crowd1 as a paid member, you get rewarded with loyalty points, that grow every week through your streamline bonus and other bonus structures. These points are used to calculate your quarterly dividend pay-out from the company, through profit sharing.

The more Crowd1 Rewards you have, the bigger your quarterly dividend pay-out will be.

There are a few different Bonus structures in Crowd1. This is exciting, because there is something for everyone. We at Crowd1 understand that everyone is different and that everyone works differently. Once again, these Bonus structures will prove that we are not a pyramid scheme and that you can earn money from just purchasing your educational pack. It might be minimal to what is possible on estimated earnings, but at CROWD1… Impossible is NOTHING. This is not a get rich quick program. You can make a good income, but you will have to put in the effort and work for it to happen. We are all here to help build the Crowd, and for that we will be rewarded.

Crowd1 has changed from Euro to BP (Business Points) Crowd1 operates in over 170 countries worldwide, all with their own currency, this change was implemented to keep the points system simple for everyone to understand. 1 BP is worth €0.10. 10 BP = €1. 100 BP = €10.

When you purchase your educational package, you get rewarded with FREE Crowd1 Rewards. These reward points grow every week through your streamline bonus. Crowd1, now gives each member the choice to accumulate more Crowd1 Rewards. These Crowd1 rewards are used to calculate your quarterly dividend pay-out. The more points you have, the bigger your quarterly pay-out will be. You accumulate more points through Fear of Loss bonus, Matching bonus and each time you cycle through your Binary points. The system was set to an 80/20 structure. 80% of Binary points went to your account balance and 20% was used to auto buy more Crowd1 rewards. The same with Fear of Loss Bonus, 80% went to your account balance and 20 % was used to auto buy more Crowd1 rewards and, also Matching bonus, 80% to account balance and 20% to Crowd1 rewards. NOW the company has given all its member the choice to change that. They have put a minimum limit of 30% on the auto buy. If you are here for the long-term plan, you can now choose to accumulate more Crowd1 rewards. In you back office there will be an option where you can choose to change the auto buy from 30% to 40%, 50%, 60%, 70%, 80%, 90% OR 100%. For example: If you change the setting to 40% – 60% ratio and you cycle your binary points, 60% will go to your account balance and 40% will be used to auto buy more Crowd1 rewards. Please note that you can change this setting at any time. The setting you choose, will affect your Fear of Loss bonus, Matching bonus and Binary points.

Crowd1 offers the best compensation plan the world has ever seen. There is something for everyone.

So, let us have a look at all these structures individually.


This is the most encouraging system to each member. Crowd1 offers a Fear of Loss bonus to each member that helps build the network. After purchasing your educational pack, a timer of 14 days start. Crowd1 wants to encourage its members to help build the network and get their initial purchase spend back into their account balance. After signing up your 4 personal sponsored members, under your own binary, on a white pack, Crowd1 will celebrate with you and pay-out a Fear of Loss bonus of 1 250 BP. As the packages differ, a larger Fear of Loss bonus pay-out are possible. You must remember that if you get 2 black and 2 white packs, the lesser bonus will be paid out. BUT, if you are lucky and a giant fairy, comes your way and you sign 4 Titanium packs, your fear of loss bonus will be 31 500 BP – that is R 60 000.00 (depend on exchange rate) worth of Fear of Loss Bonus! The possibilities are all there. Please note that 70% of your Fear of Loss bonus is paid into your account balance and 30% goes to build your Crowd1 Rewards. This setting can be changed by each member who wishes to buy more Crowd1 rewards within the system.

Streamline bonus, is a gift from the power of the Crowd. As new members join after you, you benefit from that. Each week on Wednesday we get to claim our free Crowd1 Streamline rewards. These rewards differ from the level you are on at the Streamline Structure and what package you are on. As you can see on this chart, great things are possible. Example: If you are on a White pack and have personally sponsored 1 member and 10 000 people have joined after you, you will earn 2.5 Crowd1 rewards. Another example: If you are on a Gold pack and have personally sponsored 7 people on a white pack under you, you will reach level 7 and your weekly earnings will be 25 Crowd1 rewards. This structure goes up to level 20 and can be found in your back office.

How does Crowd1 make money?

Crowd1 is still in pre-launch and currently has 7 affiliates, Crowd1 magazine along with its members educational packs from Grithub, LifeTRNDS, Safer, Miggster, Affilgo, Epic Lotto and Tribute. We have more affiliates joining during 2020 and we are aiming to have 10 affiliates by the end of this year. This is extremely exciting for us as members, as this will result in a bigger income for the Crowd.

To simplify the profit sharing, I want you to look at the above pie graph. Now imagine the following.

Every time that someone buys a lotto ticket, gambles online, plays online or a new member joins, we ALL benefit from that. All the profit goes into one giant pool. This then gets divided as follows.
20% goes to Crowd1, for running cost.
1st 40% goes to the members, for our monthly residual pay-outs. At the end of every month they “close” the monthly residual pay-outs. This means that whatever network level you find yourself at on the end of each month will determine, which pool level you will be paid out from on the 15th of the next running month.
2nd 40% also goes to our members. This goes into our quarterly dividend pay-outs. Every 3 months they take the “40% + 40% + 40%” in total and add the past 3 months 40% quarterly pay-outs and put them all in a larger pool together. From this larger pool, we as members are paid out a dividend from the company. These dividend pay-outs are based and worked out on, from your total of Crowd1 reward points at the end on the month running before the date of the month of quarterly pay-out. (For example: Crowd1 points accumulated by 30th May, are the points that will be used to work out your dividend pay-out, if the quarterly pay-out is 15th June)

Please have a look at this next bar graph. With all our new affiliates joining and the company ever so evolving, they have now made it even easier for all Crowd1 members to make an income through Crowd1 and its affiliates.

I am going to use LifeTRNDS for this example.

All Crowd1 members now have access to LifeTRNDS, which gives us all the opportunity to generate savings and recommend LifeTRNDS to others. Anyone can now register FOR FREE on Crowd1, without having to purchase an educational pack and have access to LifeTRNDS upon joining and then registering themselves on LifeTRNDS. These members we will call “Starters” They will have access to LifeTRNDS via the Crowd1 network and will be able to book their dream holiday using LifeTRNDS. NOW HERE COMES THE FUN PART…

15% Customer Sale Bonus

When you as a Crowd1 paid member, recommends LifeTRNDS to someone and they register on LifeTRNDS through the Crowd1 network and then make a booking, YOU as the paid member of Crowd1 qualify for 15% commission of that profit sharing. The Customer Sales Bonus is paid in the month after Crowd1 receives the commission from the third-party supplier.

25% Active User

When a paid Crowd1 member uses LifeTRNDS to make their own booking, they qualify from the commission generated from the 25% active user pool. Throughout each quarter all the commissions collected from the Active User pool, will then be put together in a larger pool, that will then be divided amongst the members who have used the product or service during those 3 months. Keeping in mind that to qualify for this pool, you as a paid member must personally use this product or service at least once every quarter. The pay-out for the Active user pool will follow the month after the quarter ends.

The remaining 60% will go into the overall Crowd1 profit sharing pools, that will be split 40%, 40%, 20% as per pie graph on the previous page, that will be used for Company running cost, monthly residual and quarterly dividends.
NB: All members who register and join Crowd1 for FREE (Starters) to make use of these products or services will not be able to benefit from any other bonus structures in Crowd1 as a free member. They will however be able to sign members under them. If they are able to sign 4 paid members in 14 days, they will qualify for a Fear of loss bonus, where the Company will grant them a gift voucher / gift code, to become a paid member. Only then will they be able to benefit from all the different bonuses and income platforms.


Please note that these amounts as estimated amounts to simplify this presentation.

This is an extremely important picture on how the network levels work. There are 21 different levels. To reach each level you must accumulate points through your binary system. For example: To reach Team Leader 1 star (level 1) you have to accumulate 500 binary points. To reach Manager 1 star (level 7) you need to accumulate 50 000 points on your binary system. This is what’s amazing about Crowd1. You as a member do not have to accumulate these points by yourself, but with the help of your personal sponsored members under your binary legs. Each time someone joins on one of your binary legs (White=90 points, Black = 270 points, Gold = 720 points, Titanium 2250 points) you accumulate points… BUT as soon as one of your members under your binary personally sponsored someone on their own binary leg, YOU ALSO accumulate those points. These levels are what is used when your monthly residual pay-outs are calculated. If you look at the pie graph 2 pages back, you will see the 40% (monthly residual) 40% (quarterly dividends) and 20% (company running cost). As you see in these pools, the total on the 1st 40% from the profit sharing is equally divided into these pools monthly. Each pool has a different number of members. For example: If you are in pool 1, you will share your profit with perhaps 3 million people, but as you level up the number of members in each pool becomes less and your profit sharing becomes more. People in level 1, might share their profit with 3 million people, while people in level 8 will have less members in that pool, so the profit sharing will be more to each member. Look at this like having to share a cake. If you have one cake to share among 10 people vs having the same cake to share with 5 people. Obviously, the cake shared with 5 people will be bigger slices, than the cake shared with 10 people. Working hard and building the network, helps you to level up and have a larger slice of cake. Every time you move up to the next level, you share in the profit from all the levels you have passed, so it’s cake all round, all day! Now doesn’t that sound like the party you want to attend. The monthly residual pay-outs are paid into your account balance directly on the 15th of each month. Any monies/business points in your account balance can then be cashed out into your own personal bank account or Bitcoin wallet, you can also use your account balance to purchase gift codes for your downline and have them pay you directly into your own bank account at the same rate they would have purchase their own educational pack. Take note that your account balance is stated in BP (Business Points – 1 BP = €0.10. 10 BP = €1. 100 BP = €10) Please note, because we are an international company, withdrawals into your personal bank account via Bank withdrawal, might take up to 14-21 days. Bitcoin withdrawals takes 5-10 days. This is due to wire transfers and money that needs to be cleared in your country. Crowd1 are extremely strict and request that each member follows all the rules in their country and request that we declare these incomes to the authorities. We are a law-abiding company and follow under the strictest laws of the Europeans and they request us to do the same.


Personally to me, this was the most challening part of Crowd1 to understand. The Binary system. Each educational pack has a binary point.
White = 90 BP
Black = 270 BP
Gold = 720 BP
Titanium = 2250 BP
Each members has their own binary system, that consist out of TWO legs. To activate your binary you have to place ONE member right and ONE left. Then you are ACTIVE.

1:1 Ratio

When you sign someone on a white pack (90) left and another white pack (90) right, you now have a 1:1 ratio and with these two packs combined have accumulated 180 points. Now let’s say your first member on your left leg signed their own personal, also on a white pack (90) they receive their 90 points, BUT YOU ALSO receive 90 points on your binary system, this is how you accumulate more points to help you level up in the network from 1-21.

1:2 Ratio

When you have signed someone on your left leg on a white pack (90) and then two more people on a white pack (90) on your right leg, Crowd1 will add all the points together on a 1:2 ratio, which will be 270 points you have accumulated.

1:3 Ratio

You have now signed 1 left and 3 right. Crowd1 adds all 4 together = 360 points.

Now keep in mind that if you or any of your downline in the binary system signs anyone on a higher educational pack, the more points you will accumulate and the faster you will climb the network level. All the points you make in your binary structure, gets spilt. 70% goes to your account balance and 30% goes to auto buy Crowd1 rewards. This setting can be changed in your back office if you wish to accumulate more Crowd1 rewards.

I know… It’s A LOT to take in and try to understand. In a nutshell.

You have 2 binary legs. One will always be stronger than the other leg. Your downline to your left might be working harder than the downline on the right. This will bring your binary points to a halt, where the one side might be on 0 (zero) points Right and the other side might be on 360 points Left. To cycle you will have to motivate your team on the right leg and get points accumulated on that leg so that you can cycle your stronger leg. When you get to a point where you have points on the one side and none to the other, you can’t cycle as the points need to form a Ratio of some sort to balance 90 points from the left and 90 points to the right. This is something that is exceedingly difficult to control and should not be something you break your head over. The possibilities are there to make a great and steady income. We must encourage and empower each other. If one wins, we all win.


Due to some members that sits on many built up points on their “strong leg”, the company has now implemented an expiry day for those points. When you accumulate points on your “strong leg” and do not cycle those binary points, they will expire 5 months after the month they were accumulated in. For example: Points generated on 14 July 2020 that has not been cycled, will expire 13 January 2021. Points generated 5 August 2020 will expire 4 February 2021.


Matching bonus is another great way that Crowd1 helps you to make a better income. There are 5 levels in the matching bonus system.

If you have joined on a white pack and have personally sponsored 4 people on your own binary, you qualify for a matching bonus on the 1st level. This means that each time one of your own 4 personals also signs their first members and they cycle their binary on a 1:1 or 1:2 or 1:3 ratio, that you will get an extra income from their cycle. If your downline for example cycles 360 points, YOU qualify for ANOTHER 10% from their 360 points, which will be 36 points, that will be paid into your account balance (keeping in mind that auto buy for Crowd1 rewards also applies here). As you level up on the Matching bonus structure, your matching bonus from other cycled binaries level up to more added 10%’s from their first sign up’s (first generation), to their sign-up’s (second generation), sign-up’s (third generation) and so on to level 5.

Some important information and notes to end off

We are not selling shares, we offer free Crowd1 rewards. We do not create our own games or gambling platforms. We are providing a service of almost 8 million members in our network to our affiliates. We are like Uber and, we do not own the taxi’s or beds, but we provide the service. Crowd1 offers the “feet” to our affiliates, to introduce their product or service to. This does not mean that you must become a gamer or gambler at all. We are NOT a scam or pyramid scheme, in Crowd1 anyone who joins can “out rank” their own upline, who introduced them to this great opportunity. We are a legal and a registered company that abide by all necessary rules and regulations needed.

Sitting and doing this layout, I once again realize that this truly is a HUGE information overload and everything might seem like soup in a tumble drier, but I want to remind you that Rome was not built in a day and that before you 7.5 million people has had the same feeling, you might have today.

Everyone must please remember that there will always be bad publicity. There will always be uneducated people, that does not understand our business module and who will try and bring us down. Google search will give you exactly what you search for. If you type in “Crowd1 Scam” you will find different people, with their mis-judged opinion about us and what we do. If you Google search, “Crowd1 changing lives” You will find something completely different. Everyone needs to grasp this. We as a part of Crowd1 knows what we are all about and should never have to bend over to proof this. I understand that many people find themselves troubled by our business module, but we know who we are and what we stand for. ICT has given us everything we need, to put any questions at ease. You’re either in, or you’re not. Life is full of risks, every day.

If you are serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse.

Make sure you have a supportive team behind you. Make sure you build a great relationship with your upline, to whom you can go to with any questions and who will make the time to help you in any way you need. When you become a Crowd1 member and introduce this to others, you become their support structure and it is your responsibility to help them grow, to teach them all you can and to hold their hand, until they don’t need it anymore.

This is YOUR business. Nurture it, take care of it and you will build an EMPIRE.


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