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Is Adsinvests.com legit or scam? – View full Review

The covid-19 pandemic that resulted into the national lockdown has experience the emergence of lots Income Platforms. The internet is now flooded with lots of these programs. But do you also know there are some scamming websites? There are also some legit platforms that really pay cash to participants. How then can you distinguish a scam from a legit platform? A Review is therefore an article(a written work) that helps to justify the authenticity of commercial sites and there online tools and software that we make use for verification and validity of these sites. There some Income Platform that deal Advertisement.

Have you heard of Adsinvests Income Program? Don’t mind me,
I guess you must have heard of it which is how you got to this piece, init?
After reading this Review, we hope that you must have acquainted yourself with everything that’s needed to be known about this Income Program before you decide whether or not to participate in the platform.

And my dear reader, I enjoin you to thrive to see it through to the end of this article making sure you’ve consume every part of to avoid missing anything you need to know so be patient and not be in a rush after you’ve probably seen what you hope to see. Don’t be quick to draw conclusions until you’ve actually consumed this piece to the very end. I bet it worth the time, right?
So Let’s get started with the Review.

Featured Contents in this article are:
1.About Adsinvests Income Program
2.How Does Adsinvests Work?
3.How to Earn on Adsinvests Income Platform
4.Adsinvests Review
5.How to Join – Adsinvests Registration
6.Adsinvests Login
7.Red Flags for Adsinvests Income Program
8.Overview of Adsinvests Review
9.Summary of Adsinvests Review
10.Is Adsinvests Legit?

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Is Adsinvests a Scam?

About Adsinvests Income Program

This is a website that brings business owners, entrepreneurs and people together through their mass media, giving them the opportunity to showcase their business to the world through the most cheapest and effective way and still get paid for doing this activities. Adsinvests is a Platforms that claims to pay its participants after they have advertise their business or brand on the platform.

Adsinvests also known as Community of Entrepreneurs is a website that creates an avenue where participants make money by sharing their adverts on the platform. One of the motives of this platform is to connect businesses in the society and help people make money while advertising their own business or product. You can also share their daily sponsored participants’ adverts and campaign adverts to earn also.

The domain name
(https://www.adsinvests.com) was created on the 26th of May in 2020. That means as at the time of writing this review, this Income Platform is just 12 days old and judging by the age, this platform is new to the world of Income Programs in the internet.

How Does Adsinvests Work?

This is an online platform that helps brand or business owners advertise their business for a small fee and also earn while advertising their brand or business. You pay them for becoming a participant, and they start paying you when you advertise your product. This is a platform where you can advertise your business, talents, skills and product. Do you believe they claim that on this platform it is possible to get ₦50,000 in a week? Impossible right? Who knows😀

How to Earn on Adsinvests Income Platform?

After searching their website, I could not find out the price tag when you advertise your brand or business on their site. But there are three major ways to earn on this platform and they are shown below;

1. Advertising: After you become a participant, you are required to advertise your product. After doing so, you are being paid a certain amount.

2. Sharing Participants Adverts: You can also earn by sharing participants advertiser on any social media platform and get paid. Facebook is recommended for this.

3. Sharing Campaign Adverts: If you want to earn on this platform, sharing of campaign advert is something you have to do.

Other ways to earn on Adsinvests

You Earn instant ₦1000 immediately after registration completed
You earn ₦100 for daily login to your account
You earn a total of ₦350 for sharing our sponsored adverts:
Instagram: ₦150
Facebook: ₦100
WhatsApp: ₦100
You also Earn another ₦50 for showing reaction on people post( likes etc)
You earn ₦50 for each reaction you show on adverts
Each comment you put on the site give you ₦50
Now this is the coolest part look at this aspect do u also know you can advertise your music, videos, skills, products on our website and still earn.
Yes that’s why we are called a community of entrepreneurs.

We pay you 100 naira for each advert u upload oh are u student??
And you don’t have all this don’t worry we pay you for helping us advertise them on your social media profile so u have no excuse of not making it big on this platform.
You earn a huge sum of ₦1200 as Marketing commission when someone registers with your link(Not compulsory tho)

Adsinvests Review

This is an Income Platform that took a different dimension. Since I started doing Review on Income Program, I haven’t seen a platform like this. But do you know this platform is not a free one. You pay the sum of ₦1700 before you can be a participant of this platform and start earning like they claim. Will this program last? This is a question that most Nigerians will ask. More information will come under the header Summary of Adsinvests Review. Also read about some Red Flags spotted in this website.

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How to Join – Adsinvests Registration
This is a very simple process on any online money making platform. Below are steps you have to follow to accomplish this and don’t forget that you have to be with your one-time Registration fee of N1700.
1. Visit their website (www.adsinvests.com)
2. Get Coupon Code
3. Click on Register
4. Input Coupon Code
5. Fill the form
6. Boom, you are now a participant.

Adsinvests Login
This is one of the simplest task to accomplish. After doing the Adsinvests Registration, for you to login all you have to do is visit the site (www.adsinvests.com). Click on Menu and then on Login.

Red Flags for Adsinvests Income Program
If there are lots of Red Flags in a program, the chance of that Income Program being is scam will be too high. Team iCastemedia discovered somethings that will be tagged as Red Flags and they are shown below. Note that our Opinion might be wrong but it serves as a guide for you.

1. Unknown Owner: The owner of this site is not seen on the site. Someone must be behind this platform but why is he not seen, we don’t know the reason for this but based on my opinion, an Income Program is supposed to include the Owner in the about page.

2. No Address: What if (probability statement) this site crash, how will you know the address if you want to raise a complaint. Putting any address shows how transparent the site is.

3. Domain Duration: This is not really a red flag but I felt like including this. This website domain will expire next year -2021 (although it can be renewed if they wish to do it).

4. Not Transparent: The site fails to include the amount you get for advertising your brand. Also there are some information that were no see. Their FAQ wasn’t responding as at the time of writing this article.

Overview of Adsinvests Review

Site Age: created on May 27, 2021 Around 01:59am
Registration Fee: N1700
Website: http://www.adsinvests.com
Authenticity: As at the time of writing this article, no fraudulent act reported to Team iCastemedia
Domain Duration: 1 year (up till 2021)

Summary of Adsinvests Review
There’s been no negative report from participants of this Income Program which means as at the time of writing this Review Team iCastemedia hasn’t heard any information that Adsinvests was involved in any fraudulent act. I can’t say they are Legit neither can I say they are Scam. Here in iCastemedia, comments are very important in an article. Make sure to read the comments of some persons below, you can include yours.

Are you a participant of this Income Program already? Drop your thoughts about this Income Program in the comment section below. It will really help an aspirant of this program.

Is Adsinvests Legit or scam?
As at the time of writing this article, no fraudulent act has been reported by any user of the site. But Team iCastemedia can’t say they are scam or they are Legit. There are some Income Programs that pay at first but end up being a scam. We hope this does not become like them.

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Adsinvests a Scam?
For now, no report or complaint has been heard from anyone about this site. You should bear in mind that nothing lasts forever. Is Adsinvests a Scam? Our red flags might be of help for you to decide.
You can help Team iCastemedia improve this Adsinvests Review by dropping a comment below because your comment can be of help to a user of this Platform.


Team iCastemedia is not being paid to write this review. I am not trying to promote this Income Program neither am I trying to tarnish their online reputation. This piece of writing serves as a guide to aspiring members of this Platform.