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The Beautiful Game of Passion!

Football (or soccer as the game is called in some parts of the world ) is a sport with a very long history . The round object has been kicked around by players for ages which can be traced to the 19th century . The game played between two teams of 11 players each has served as a doorway to a united world where all races can have the opportunity to thrill their respective fans.

Sweat drops, breath catching, tireless runs and euphoria are the components that make the sport beautiful . Every players step unto the pitch to defend the shirt they are putting on by working collectively to win the game . Talent , hard work, dedication , perseverance, teamwork and training are the skills needed to be mastered by every player .

The fans as the “12th player” on the pitch go to the stadium on every match day to reverberate their voices and provide the needed support to the players . Albeit few instances of boos from the fans whenever they want to opine their displeasure , the love for the team is still very much in their heart .

Tears of joy or sadness filling the eyes of the sweat soaked pitch warriors will explain the side on the scoreboard they belong . Irrespective of the result , each match is always a lesson to learn for the upcoming games .