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Tade looked at the computer screen for the ten thousandth time in six minutes. He had silver round glasses balanced on his nose, and a skin colour two shades darker than charcoal. Ignoring the do not touch sign on the computer, he pulled the monitor closer to his face, and read the single line of text again. It was an email from Jacques Academy.

“Congratulations! You have been accepted to journey with us on this professional journey.” He muttered to himself, fingering each word as he read. He scrolled upwards to confirm that it was truly addressed to him.

He had been accepted to intern with Jacques Academy as a writer. This position had been applied for by over sixty thousand professional writers, and the school picked only a hundred each year. It was the third most difficult organization to intern, while Google and Microsoft topped the table as first and second respectively. Yet, Tade had been chosen as the seventy sixth student.

Tade had been chosen to intern, even though he had been writing the acceptance essay for only two years.

“The third year will be different,” Tade had proclaimed to his parents, after they tried to force him to thwart his plans for the internship, and pursue a ‘more realistic’ goal. His parents wanted him to carry on with the family business, and keep the sewing materials shop running even after they died, but Tade was defiant. He pleaded for one more chance. The final chance. The third try. Maybe three is truly a charm. Who knows?

One thing that was more sure than three being a charm, was that Tade always took his chances, even when the chances neared zero. He was always the optimistic one, looking beyond barriers, and seeing beyond dark clouds.
Eight years ago, he became an intern with the Jacques Academy, and today, he received his most prestigious award by being the second Nigerian to be awarded a Nobel Peace Prize, for redefining the literature world of Nigeria, and Africa as a whole.

He chose to take his chances, refusing to settle, just like Barack Obama, did. He took his chances, and so could you, because as it was to Tade, so it could be to you too.

Three might not be your lucky charm. Maybe it’s sixteen. Take your chance. Don’t give up yet.

Life is a road, cracked open like an egg. Seize it. Fry it. Eat it. It’d be one monster omelette.

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What’s new? The imbalance!

Seen a father impregnate his own daughter? Seen a housewife kill her husband because of money? Seen a pastor involved in rituals? Yea, I’ve seen it too.

Seen a whole community wiped out in a tinkle of an eye? Seen a relationship of years spill into the drain in few seconds? Seen secondary school students kill themselves over meaningless things? Yea, I’ve seen such too!

When people say life no balance, to an extent, it is true. You see things everyday and you agree that life no balance. After the 9 months struggle, labor room drama and everything, a mother still manages to kill her own child. Over what, maybe an argument or something.

Some things happen everyday and when you see something you’ve not seen before add it to the list of things you’ve seen and move on. “You see this life ehn, the only thing wey fit shock me is if I mistakenly touch a naked wire.”

You’ve been praying for something for a very long time and sorry you’ve not gotten it and there’s someone somewhere who’s not expecting that same thing you want and gets it. You wonder where you’ve gone wrong, no you’re not wrong. Its just to tell you that life no balance.

Even the scriptures made us understand that our own thinking is different totally from that of God. So you see either positively or negatively, life no balance.

The bottom line is for us all is to know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them.

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