Opinion : Messi to stay put at Barca

The internet broke last week at the emergence of the news of a burofax sent to the club hierarchy containing Lionel Messi’s intention to leave Barcelona after two decades of his stay at the Catalan club, this caused a wild protest at the club’s office and the fans demanded the prompt resignation of the already unsettled board as a result of various inexplicable transfers and dealings in the club.

Questions began to run on every football fan’s mind on which club will the Argentine represent next season while rumor has it that many European giants are interested in the services of Leo. The club president, Josep Maria Bartomeu however refused to agree with Messi and his Agent cum father , Jorge messi on Messi’s right to leave the club for free at the end of each season claiming the clause ended on June 30th . It was clear that no team can afford to pay the astronomical 700m euros release clause placed on the six time Balon D’or winner due to the financial fair play rule hence the likes of Manchester city were hindered on landing the superstar .

In an interview with Goal, Leo after some weeks long silence talked about the failure of the board on sporting project and his family unwillingness to leave the city when he told them his intention . In his words , Leo labeled the present administration a “disaster” and will never go to court for resolution ;
“The whole family began crying my children did not want to leave Barcelona,nor did they want to change schools.”

“But I looked further afield and I want to compete at the highest level, win titles,compete in the Champions League. You can win or lose in it, because it is very difficult, but you have to compete.”
“The truth is that there is no project at this club. They just plug holes as and when things happen. I would never go for a war against the club of my life. That’s why I’m staying”.

With that been said,it is obvious Lionel Messi will be staying for at least a season more under the new coaching of Ronald Koeman and his assistants but probably without his close friends Suarez and Vidal who are close to joining Juventus and Inter respectively following a squad rejuvenation as a result of the 8-2 humiliation by Bayern Munich in the UEFA champions league .

Do you think Messi’s actions are justified and following the club’s refusal to let him go, do you think Messi will still be committed to the club as he promised?

Let’s have your thoughts guys in the comment section !!!

25 thoughts on “Opinion : Messi to stay put at Barca”

  1. Barca is the only place he will ever be successful ,since he grew up there and they all see him as an idol….if he eventually go to another major league or club he will have to prove himself….which might be the end of his career …


  2. He should stay this season and surpass Pele record as most goals scored in a single club..Na 10 goals remain


    1. Messi decision to leave Barcelona is not a shock to me. Barcelona has become a shadow of its former self. Although due to the 700 million saga in this contract, I tip him to stay for another season


  3. Messi is a key players at Barca, leaving when the club needs s leader and more energy from someone like him won’t be a good choice. Lionel Messi still as more to offer at Barca, he needs to stay to boost the rest, i.e other players moral.


  4. Messi will definitely stay committed to the team as he’s always been. His time to depart hasn’t just reached yet


  5. Tell me who will not do anything to keep arguably the best player in the world in thier team.
    But Messi feeling Barcelona board failed him is a sad thing really looking at his journey until this present moment, for me no player is bigger than a football club and will see that now. He’s a professional player and mature one too, player of Messi quality will remain committed to the club even though I think he may decide to leave for free next season.
    He’s family want him to stay, he also love the club. I think if a good plan generally to change the football club Barcelona comes through (Footballing and Political) Messi may stay and sign new contract.


  6. Messi should be allowed to make his decision but considering the pressure on him by his family and others he should stay for another season to satisfy them,then he can leave next season.That just balance it all.


    1. Messi should be allowed to make his decision but considering the pressure on him by his family and others he should stay for another season to satisfy them,then he can leave next season.That just balance it all.


  7. Despite the whole saga. It’s good to know Messi still respect Barcelona. Sometimes his decisions left me wondering if he’s a chicken. He could have left a long time ago but now the timing is wrong. Barça needs him now more than ever. But if Messi really wanna leave later, he needs to come to the reality that things would change alot. He wouldn’t be as influencial as he used to be in Barcelona’s dressing room. It will take time to build relationship with his new team and he’ll be the one to adapt to the team’s pattern i think. Dude still have alot to learn outta Barcelona. Ion like him but i wish him happiness cause we all deserve it. He should play where he’ll be happy.


  8. Well, I guess Barca board really have a lot of work to do, cuz Messi is old already and they will surely need another player to replace him one day, but they(Barca) will surely miss him just as there long time rival, Real Madrid missed CR7, so the earlier the better for Barcelona, if Messi leaves Barca, they’ll surely build another deadly team maybe in the next 5yrs..
    But the benefits derived from Messi won’t be there anymore for Barcelona and La Liga in general, they should enjoy him for this season. If they like, they should look for another player to replace him than forcing him to stay..
    He don do..
    #Abeg 😌😌


  9. I think he won’t be leaving anymore but I wish he could leave for the benefit of team reinforcement


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