The Beautiful Game of Passion!

Football (or soccer as the game is called in some parts of the world ) is a sport with a very long history . The round object has been kicked around by players for ages which can be traced to the 19th century . The game played between two teams of 11 players each has served as a doorway to a united world where all races can have the opportunity to thrill their respective fans.

Sweat drops, breath catching, tireless runs and euphoria are the components that make the sport beautiful . Every players step unto the pitch to defend the shirt they are putting on by working collectively to win the game . Talent , hard work, dedication , perseverance, teamwork and training are the skills needed to be mastered by every player .

The fans as the “12th player” on the pitch go to the stadium on every match day to reverberate their voices and provide the needed support to the players . Albeit few instances of boos from the fans whenever they want to opine their displeasure , the love for the team is still very much in their heart .

Tears of joy or sadness filling the eyes of the sweat soaked pitch warriors will explain the side on the scoreboard they belong . Irrespective of the result , each match is always a lesson to learn for the upcoming games .


54 thoughts on “The Beautiful Game of Passion!”

    1. Good write up.
      Football is everything, the round leather game is just beautiful all round.
      The argument, Numbers, Stats, facts and the business part of the game, makes it everyones game.
      No wonder Football is the most watched sport on earth.


  1. What a beautiful write up about football. Football is a indeed a game of love and passion. Sometimes I wonder what the world would look like without football cos this sport called football gives me so much joy and pleasure when ever I watch and the team am supporting is winning, and sometimes when am losing I feel sad too, that’s what football is all about, cos one can always win, there will always be some moments when things don’t go the way we want it but in the end we’ll all be happy. Thank God for the gift of football and a big thank you to the writer of this post, it such and interesting write up, that reminds us about the beauty of football.. God bless us all.


  2. Football is more than just a game. It’s a Universal Language that brings the world together. Football is love.


    1. Wow! I love this remark. It takes someone with much understanding to see this much. Thanks for stopping by.. You can subscribe to the blog view more of us in the future.


  3. Even if I have much words to say, I’ll still call it few words of mine. My brother in soccer, thanks for the history and vision shared. Hold on to it friend the passion will pay…
    Good one bro.


  4. Football is life indeed… The joy it brings to the heart of people when a team they support wins is amazing .


  5. Wow! what a Fantastic remark about football; Infact the argument aspect btw the fans of any football club always make it interesting. Even the joy you derive from any match ur team play & win makes it life…… be factual FOOTBALL IS LIFE.


  6. Great job bro.Football is the event that brings people frok different works of life togethed.It is indeed a passion.

    Goid write up, will want to see more of this in the coming days


  7. We always part of the game….. Football is one life itself… Nice write up champ
    Kudos πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ


  8. Football is more that a game, it is a religion, it is a lifestyle, it is a way of life (culture)… I love this sport ⚽️ ❀️


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