Nairabucks Review- Is Scam or Legit?

The covid-19 pandemic that resulted into the national lockdown has experience the emergence of lots Income Platforms. The internet is now flooded with lots of these programs. But do you also know there are some scamming websites? There are also some legit platforms that really pay cash to participants. How then can you distinguish a scam from a legit platform? A Review is therefore an article(a written work) that helps to justify the authenticity of commercial sites and there online tools and software that we make use for verification and validity of these sites. There some Income Platform that deal Advertisement.

Have you heard of Nairabucks Income Program? Don’t mind me,
I guess you must have heard of it which is how you got to this piece, init? Even if this is your first time of hearing about it after reading this Review, we hope that you must have acquainted yourself with everything that’s needed to be known about this Income Program before you decide whether or not to participate in the platform.

And my dear reader, I enjoin you to thrive to see it through to the end of this article making sure you’ve consume every part of to avoid missing anything you need to know so be patient and not be in a rush after you’ve probably seen what you hope to see. Don’t be quick to draw conclusions until you’ve actually consumed this piece to the very end. I bet it worth the time, right?
So Let’s get started with the Review.
When done reading this Nairabucks review, you will find satisfying response to entries like:

  1. Is Nairabucks scam or legit?
  2. What is Nairabucks?
  3. Nairabucks Income review
  4. How to earn from Nairabucks Income
  5. Nairabucks Registration – Login
  6. Disclaimer

What is Nairabucks Income Program About?

Nairabucks income site is a multi-level marketing income scheme that entails a one-time Registration fee of N1, 500, N3000, N6, 000 and so on as you will soon find out inside this article.
With this amount you register an account with them and you automatically start their 3-Stage system as a Stage one user.
The motive for the creation is not to serve as a full time source of income, however it can serve as a full time source of income if a participant desires to focus on it..

Nairabucks Review

This is an important section of this article, but the important part of this article has been moved down the content which is: “Is Nairabucks scam or legit” so I can explicitly intricate this topic properly before drawing conclusions.
So, don’t rush and read on..

How to Earn on Nairabucks Income
NAIRABUCKS comes in five(5) subscription plan

Register with N1, 500
(N300 daily earning Per Share), you earn N2, 100 in 7 days…
5% bonus per referral

Register with N3, 000
(N600 daily earning per Share), you earn N4, 200 in 7 days.
5% bonus per referral

Register with N6, 000 (1,200 daily earning Per Share), you earn N8, 400 in 7 days
5% bonus per referral

Register with N12, 000 (2,400 daily earning Per Share) you earn
N16, 800 in 7 days
10% bonus per referral

Register with N18, 000
(3,600 daily earning Per Share), you earn N25, 200 in 7 days.
10% bonus for Referral
Failure to post advert will lead to no earnings for that day.

Nairabucks Registration

Nairabucks Registration fee varies as you have read above. Once you have your money and the below info you are set:

  • Username
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Upline username
  • Passwords
  • Coupon code
  • Phone Number

Nairabucks Login

Before you have access to Nairabucks login, you must pass the Nairabucks register page. To login Nairabucks only the below is needed:

  • Email
  • Password.

Is Nairabucks Scam or Legit?
You’re officially welcome to the most important part of this article.
Anyways, team iCastemedia has spliced the Nairabucks scam or legit investigation and it’s below.

According to the SSL certificate, Nairabucks is sadly not a secured platform to surf. This is because you might be running the risk of exposing your credit card to fraud while transacting with them.

A site like this should know the importance of security.
Nairabucks could be said as scam because none has claimed to be paid even on popular social platforms.
Impulsively, concluding this section with the answer to the question is where we leave it to our intelligent readers to decide based on your view of our evaluations.

I hope you’re not tired already, we’re almost done here.
Nairabucks is just like Digiads.
Digiads used participants to promote their business and refused paying unless they upgraded their plans. This site is also similar 40%.
This is not a Ponzi scheme, participants are advised to understand the system totally as the management will not be liable for any loss or misunderstanding, how does that sound? So think twice before taking a leap.


This Review Article isn’t aimed at defaming Nairabucks nor is it targeted to promoting them. This article is strictly for enlightening purposes and an honest guide from our perspective which other Platforms might not publish timely.
There is no guarantee that you will make these levels of income after joining and you accept the risk that the earnings and income statements differ by individual.

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